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The ever-changing landscape.

So, it is Thursday evening, the 10th of September, and the covid-19 goalposts have moved quickly again.

As a result of the First Minister's announcement today, the restrictions on social gatherings will impact on what is possible for us over the coming weeks. The new rules for indoor and outdoor gatherings limit these to a maximum of 6 people, from 2 different households.

So, assuming a small dinner party in a private house, this would mean a limit of 5 people from 1 household, plus a Personal Chef!

The tightening of restrictions does not prevent catering completely, but it certainly adds more difficulty to planning, organising and being able to fulfill such commitments.

PDS Moray has been specialising in small-scale, private gatherings since we began catering in early 2014. Providing a fresh, seasonal, high-quality meal for up to 5 people is right up our street! So, although we suspect that the news today will put pay to many plans and ideas, we remain hopeful that some of these occasions can still take place and that PDS Moray can be at the forefront of your catering considerations.

Please stay safe and look after each other. Things will improve. We must all just be patient.

Please contact us through the PDS Moray website -

by email -, or through the Facebook page if you have any questions or queries.


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