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Back in action!!

It was a real pleasure to cater a celebratory dinner last night for the first time since the beginning of March! The dinner was a small one, for 4 people, and featured some lovely local ingredients such as Monkfish from Cluny Fish in Buckie, some Rising Roots Microgreens, Strathdon Blue from Highland Fine Cheeses in Tain and some great Black Pudding from Murdoch Brothers in Forres.

The catering reminded me of why I started PDS Moray over 6 years ago. It is such a pleasure to work with quality ingredients and great flavours and it is also an added pleasure to be able to provide a very personal service, even in these restricted times.

The dinner itself was well received and it was great to receive a lovely client review on the PDS Moray Facebook page this morning. The kind and complimentary words make the job even more worthwhile!

There are some more bookings and enquiries coming in at the moment, which is great. However, we're sill receiving a number of requests that simply cannot be taken on under the current government guidelines and restrictions. As a reminder, we will not be able to cater for gatherings of any more than 8 people from 3 different households (if indoors) or 15 people from 5 different households (if outdoors). Social distancing should be in place in both these instances where possible.

We will continue to adopt various safety measures including increased sanitizing of surfaces and equipment, hand sanitizing, wearing gloves, wearing masks when serving the food and additional checks before the event itself. These will not detract from the catering or the personal service and hopefully provide confidence that we are providing a safe service.

Looking forward to the next outing!

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